The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Did you hear about the rose that grew
from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature’s law is wrong it
learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping it’s dreams,
it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete
when no one else ever cared. – Tupac Shakur

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You and I


Sarcasm, the big S, ripping of flesh, revealing, not concealing, the fear, inability to speak truth, but the heart knows. Some people rip through your life like a dirty bomb, exploding shrapnel, decimating life around them, their own. Others elevate the room, you, me, the consciousness, the world. Change is coming. A new decade of emotional vulnerability. Time to love and be loved.

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Something that caught my eye.


The mourning left me cold and droning
as a gloomy dire form
vacant droning, aimless roaming
no where to go, no where, no more

there was no hint of home
nothing but my empty bones
without a thought, left moaning alone

passing boring, deep and honing
and with a groan, I'm left alone
the morning left me cold and droning
passing moments on my own
with no reprieve from the mourning
from the pain I bear alone

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The Power of Journaling

When I first started journaling, I hated it. The whole idea struck me as stupid.   Sit down, journal about how your day went, what you ate, who got on your nerves. I found  out that I was doing it all wrong. journaling is an action. Some where  I can go for solace. It’s not going to judge you and anything you say to is private. The most loyal friend you can have.

I have to admit, that at first I was scared of writing down how I truly felt. From love, life, loved-one goals, fears. It’s scary admitting to something, even an inanimate object how you really feel. Someone close to me gave me a  suggestion to journal for five minutes non-stop. Say whatever horrible dirty thing that pops into your head. It actually helped.  I wrote without hesitation without any real thought. I didn’t stop for punctuation or word chose.  It was not just emotionally freeing, but  I was getting closer to the writer I wanted to be.

Skipping journaling can be skipping out on little golden pieces of nuggets that are your poetry. I know from talking with writers that there are so many idea that we have.  At times  overwhelming.  Plots, characters, story lines, dialogue. All swimming circles, waiting for us to do something with them. Write it down in your journal. Write down all the hopes, dreams, decisions, fears, goals, angst. And from that will emerge a beautiful poem or story. You have to trust, as I had to myself, that beneath the rubble in your journal  lies something at the center. The essence of who you are.

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Building a Continuous Plot

” Fiction, though is different. If painting lakes, stories are rivers-they are going somewhere. They pull the reader along, and take us on a journey. Stories must move us forward.”

– Carole Bugge

I myself run into this  plot problem. While reading some of my favorite novels, I learned that the trick is having whatever you don’t want to happen to you, happen to your characters. Having a horrible accident and being disabled, losing a loved one, getting divorced. Readers want something interesting.  Our job it to keep them turning the page. You may feel that your ideas of storytelling are overused and common, but what I found out is that it’s more about the plot than the central idea. Don’t get me wrong, the idea is very important. But having well thought out characters are key.

The more obstacles you put between the protagonist and their ultimate goal, the better. What’s pushing that character forward? What is their ultimate goal?These questions are on the right track. Like in the story The cask of Amontillado (Edgar Allan Poe.) He so wanted revenge on Fortunato that he used his weakness,  wine.  Or in  The Lord Of the Flies (William Golding) the goal was to survive, but the underline goal was to place a chief on that island.

External and Internal

External and Internal conflicts are easier than one might think. Since we all have external and internal conflicts we have an idea of  how to form them when making a plot. Antagonist are usually the hero and the main character in the plot. The antagonist are trying to accomplish something, either pushed by fear, love, hate, or jealousy. The protagonist will  do anything in its power to stop it.

The protagonist doesn’t really have to be a person it can be society, an obsession, or mother nature. Whatever it is, it doesn’t want your antagonist to achieve anything.However, the antagonist  has to be pushed by something. Internally, what are they suffering from?  Keeping obstacles in the characters way is good way to keep the plot moving. Everytime we think it’s going to be okay, Bam!  something else happens. Secrets are like candy for a  reader. They can belong to the antagonist or the protagonist. One way to keep them hooked is by slowly revealing secrets. That gives more insight about who the character really is.   Take a look at Jane Burroway’s formula


Impact character

Impact character is someone who has a totally different way of handling conflicts and other situations. The impact character is very important because it makes the main character face it’s problems. The impact character should be the one to draw the main character out of their cocoon, so to speak.

By the end of a book, when the main character has finally reached that goal, it feels so good for the reader. Yes! Or, if the end up seeing life in a new and learning an importnat lesson, it feels just the same.

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